What do I get by taking this course?

  • Comprehensive understanding of your hormones & how you change through different phases of the menstrual month - & planning your personal, work & social diary to best suit

  • Clinical advice from an expert practitioner - quality supplement advice, nutrition, and how to live in sync with your body

  • 13 instructional videos on self care, tapping for health, & planning your life to suit your hormones

  • Over 20 recipes including 2 step by step meal prep videos

  • 26 downloadable resources to guide you, including journal workbooks

  • 4 audio meditations for each cycle phase

  • Discounted services on all private sessions with Mikaela

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About me

Hi! I'm Mikaela, a degree trained Naturopath & Nutritionist, & have been in clinical practice for 13 years. My passion is working with women & girls' hormone & period health, fertility, pregnancy & post partum. I love teaching busy women how to improve hormone health & quality of life by working with their inner rhythms in a really practical way. We all need to know this information! I hope you find it radically changes your life like it changed mine!

Course content

  • 3

    Hormone 101 & modern life vs nature

    • Body facts & nature cycles

    • Body facts & nature cycles document

    • Hormones & their role in health

    • Hormones summarised

    • Hormone quiz - test your learning!

  • 4

    Functional cycles & ovulation know how

    • Functional cycle explained

    • Functional cycle graphic

    • Ovulation 101

    • Ovulation 101 document

    • Basal body temperature chart example

    • What if I'm not ovulating?

  • 5

    The good, the bad & the ugly of hormone medication

    • Synthetic hormones

    • Synthetic hormones document

  • 6

    Moontime - inner Winter

    • Moontime video

    • Moontime summary

    • Moontime home remedies

    • Moontime mindset worksheet

    • Moontime meditation

    • Self care ideas

    • Menstrual products comparison

  • 7

    Follicular phase - inner Spring

    • Follicular phase video

    • Follicular phase summary

    • Castor oil packing - directions

    • Follicular mindset worksheet

    • Follicular phase meditation

    • Seed cycling

  • 8

    Ovulation - inner Summer

    • Ovulation video

    • Ovulation summary

    • Ovulation mindset worksheet

    • Ovulation meditation

    • Vision boards

  • 9

    Luteal phase - inner Autumn

    • Luteal phase video

    • Luteal phase summary

    • Hand massage tutorial

    • Hand massage instructions

    • Luteal mindset worksheet

    • Luteal phase meditation

  • 10

    Putting it into practice

    • Where to start....

    • Self reflection - make a plan!

    • Cycle phase checklist

    • Self care monthly plan example

    • Self care monthly plan - printable

    • Basal body temperature tracking chart

    • Choosing cycle tracking apps

  • 11

    Bonus section material

    • Follicular & ovulation - food prep instruction video

    • Luteal & Moontime - food prep instruction video

    • Food prep handout

    • Food sources of important nutrients

    • Healthy hormones - lifestyle hacks

    • Cortices tapping technique

  • 12

    Feedback & evaluation

    • Thank you!

    • Feedback questionnaire

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Learn how to sync, balance & thrive in your life

Customer feedback

Grateful for all the information

Kirsty, Brisbane

I am grateful for the awareness & suggestions to cope during my cycle. I am now feeling much more knowledgeable, and feel I can handle my moods & am more accepting of myself.


Lisa, QLD

I found it really helpful to understand the pros & cons of each phase, please make a version for teen girls - my 16 year old daughter would love it!

Perfect information!

Cindy, QLD

I loved learning all of this! Specifically knowing what the hormones do & how they affect my body. I wouldn't change anything, and would recommend to anyone


  • Who is this course designed for?

    If you are a busy menstruating female, who wants key information on finding more balance in a truly practical way, this course is perfect for you! There is discussion about libido, so you may feel this is not suitable for younger girls in their early menstrual years.

  • Why choose this course in particular?

    I am a degree trained naturopath, herbalist & nutritionist, with my own health journey & history of period issues. The advice I offer comes from my years of clinical experience, and provides information that is scientifically grounded, steeped in traditional healing wisdom, and safe for all! No need to feel conflicted with the information you read on google or blogs from unqualified people!

  • Do I need to commit lots of time to doing the course?

    The course is broken down into manageable sections - there is a short 5-10 minute video for each, followed by a summary PDF. That means you can relax & learn information in a way that works for you. No reading of endless documents or feeling overwhelmed. There are also plenty of handouts & helpful comparison charts to help you easily get the information you are looking for. The course is yours for life, so you can go back & refer to it as you need. You can start with approaching it on a level that you feel good with, & maybe later go back & re-visit with attention to deeper details.

  • What if I'm on the pill, or have some other kind of synthetic contraceptive device?

    If you are currently using medications that change/inhibit your menstrual cycle the course contains important information. Firstly explaining the benefits of our own hormones, & discusses the pros & cons of medication & how you might support your body, whether you keep using, or wish to discontinue. If you do have an IUD (Mirena) fitted you may feel you still have cyclical feelings, which is common. This course will still be helpful for many aspects of your health & symptoms. If this sounds helpful then you can benefit a lot from the information!

  • I have a condition that causes my cycles to be irregular - is the information relevant to me?

    Yes! I talk about the phases of the cycles, but also how to understand your body better, recognise if/when you are ovulating and how to track cycles. This will give you a rounded understanding of your body & suggest ways you can support your hormones in practical ways. Of course if you have complex hormonal issues then it is always best to see a practitioner, but this information is good groundwork for you regardless.

  • Is this course helpful if I am trying to get pregnant?

    Although this course is not fertility focused, having a balanced cycle is definitely the groundwork for preconception care. For example, knowing if/when you personally ovulate so your timing is correct (having a period doesn't automatically mean you ovulate!). My aim is to give you a sound understanding of your body, to empower you in whatever your life stage.

  • Do you teach the Fertility Awareness Method? (FAM)

    I don't - but I will discuss how you can detect & track ovulation, to give you more knowledge to work with, whether you are trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy. There are some great FAM practitioners around, but this course doesn't cover that in any true depth.

Bonus material

Saving you time & money!

  • Ambrosia's table videos & discount

    The wonderful Lucia from Ambrosia's table has made 2 gorgeous videos with handouts, to show how you can eat to support the 2 phases of your hormone cycle. She provides some delicious recipes that suit your body best, incorporating whole foods, medicinal herbs & treats - of course!

  • ANJA experience content & discount

    Each phase has an offering from the beautiful Paula from ANJA - providing a balanced approach to developing your intention, perception, confidence & intuition. Paula has developed meditations, techniques & worksheets to help you work through each cycle phase in a gentle intuitive way. PLUS a discount of 25% on her personal services are included!

  • Clinic discount

    Mikaela's experience of 13 years as a nutritionist, herbalist & women's practitioner will help you to explore your health concerns in more detail! Get a free discovery call to discuss your concerns - sessions are available online worldwide, or face to face in Brisbane

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